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Club Membership - North Shore Girls Soccer Club

North Shore Girls Soccer Club (NSGSC) is a non-profit society incorporated under the British Columbia Societies Act.  As such, our Club is required to have a register of Members in order to provide for good governance and sustainability of the Club.  The Club's Board of Directors, in accordance with the Bylaws, requires that memberships be purchased (free) in order for players to participate in league play.

Memberships are taken on an annual basis and, unless renewed, expire on August 31 of the following calendar year.  Club Membership has benefits in two categories as follows:

Club Governance

Membership entitles each member to all benefits as outlined in the BC Societies Act.  Most notably, members receive notice of, and are entitled to attend and vote at, all general meetings of the Club.  These benefits are valid until the Membership Expiry Date, which is August 31 of the following calendar year, unless the membership is renewed.

Club Participation

Membership is required for participation in regular league play.  In order to register as a player in regular team play, a Membership will need to be taken.  The Membership must be current and in the same year as the start of the program.  So after December 31 of the year a membership was taken, the member must take a new Membership before registering in the following year's programs.

Youth (aged 18 and under)

A minimum of one adult (19+) from each youth player's household (usually parent or guardian) must become a Club Member. 

Adult Players (aged 19 and older)

All adult players must be Club Members.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

North Shore Girls Soccer Club

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