North Shore Girls Soccer Club


Welcome. Please read this entire form in full prior to completing and signing.

NSGSC – INFORMED CONSENT (ADULT) Last updated – September 2, 2020

The North Shore Girls Soccer Club (NSGSC) is pleased to be providing registered children and youth participants with the opportunity to participate in our Fall soccer league and development programs, which includes but is not limited to games, tournaments, practices, fitness training and all sessions, programs like COE/Development and events sponsored by NSGSC (a “Program” or “Programs”). (a “Program” or “Programs”).


The purpose of this Participation Agreement is to ensure that Adult Participants, Coaches and Volunteers are fully informed about the nature of the Program, the terms and conditions of participation and risks arising from their participation. In exchange for the opportunity to attend and participate in Programs, Participants are required to sign and return a copy of this Participation Agreement. Without a Participation Agreement you may not participate in Programs.



All references in this document to “you” refer to the participant signing this Agreement below.


These NSGSC Safety Rules have been developed based on guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, viaSport and BC Soccer for soccer Programs starting in September 2020 under the next phase of “Progressively Loosened” sport activity. They are designed to help mitigate the risk of infection among Participants. However, the effectiveness of these rules depends on the cooperation and compliance of all parents and Participants. Parents are expected to read and review these rules with their children prior to attending the first session. Club staff, Volunteer Coaches Team Managers and Field Monitors will be enforcing these rules at the field.


By accepting this Participation Agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will comply the following safety rules applicable to the Programs:


GENERAL CONDITIONS of Return to Soccer – Immediately until Further Notice

  • Anyone (participants and parents) attending soccer must review the symptoms checklist daily. (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, runny nose, aches and pains). Participants, parents and staff are expected to stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms or feel unwell. Participants who report experiencing symptoms at the field will be sent home.
  •  Participants (players, coaches, volunteers) who have been exposed to COVID-19, must refrain from Program activities for a minimum of 14-days
  •  Do NOT play or participate in Programs if you are considered vulnerable or at risk (elderly individuals, immunosuppressed persons, individuals suffering from serious health problems, notably high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, obesity and asthma)
  •  Until further notice from BC Soccer, soccer fields will have no more than ~50 participants on the field, and full fields will be broken into either ½ or 1 #3 fields.
  • Participants should come to their Program in the appropriate attire and not change at the field.
  • Participants will need to follow the scheduling and drop off guidelines provided by their team/Program manager, including any directional signage at the field/facility. There is not enough room to accommodate spectators on the sidelines of the Fields. At fields that have viewing areas, spectators may gather to watch, as long as they stay off the field and respect physical distancing at all times. Participants/players and parents should leave the field as soon as possible after their Program has finished.
  • Participants are required to bring their own drinks. Each player will have their personal equipment behind their specific training area. Personal items are not to be shared or mixed with those from other Participants.
  • Training equipment will be managed and sanitized after each use by the team coach/manager and not touched by players, with the exception of the balls. Players are expected to clean their own equipment, including balls (if personally allocated) between sessions.
  • Before leading any practice or game, all Head Coaches (and ideally Assistant Coaches) must attend a Safe Soccer Training Session during the week of September 7th. Access to our fields will NOT be issued unless participation has been confirmed.
  • All COE, Development Centre & M-Program sessions, will be led by a Club coach who has been trained in safe soccer protocols. Any sessions that take place at the NSG Indoor Facility (NSGIF, previously “The Bubble”) will have additional safety and hygiene protocols as outlined in the Return to Play “Indoor” sections.
  • All teams must have a first aid kit on site.
  • An initial Safety Kit, including a bottle of sanitizer, bottle of antibacterial cleaner, masks and gloves will be provided to all teams as part of their 2020 equipment. Refill and maintenance of this safety kit thereafter is the responsibility of the team.
  • Masks and gloves are to be worn by Coaches or Team Support staff if/when close contact is required in the support of a player or in the case of first aid.
  • All participants will be asked to use hand sanitizer prior to entering the field of play or the NSGIF and at the end of their session, as they leave the facility or field. It is recommended that all participants carry their own personal sanitizer – there will not always be sanitizer available at all fields/facilities - and mask if/whenever necessary. Players/Participants should avoid touching surfaces like door/gate hands, benches and other objects, and if they do, wash or use sanitizer as soon as possible.
  • Participants are asked to review all return to play protocols.(the “Parent/Guardian”) in respect of their child (“your Child” or the “Player”).

PHASE 1 – Return to Soccer Training – First 3 weeks: September 14th and 21st and 28th

*or if restrictions invoked by PHO, we may need to return to this stage at a later date

  • Initial practices will only involve the ball played below the waist. There will be no handling of the ball or any contact above the waist. Participants should be instructed not to touch the ball with their hands.
  • A minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing will be adhered to at all times.
  • Grids, player, and coaching areas have all been established to ensure that no encroachment of personal space occurs.
  • All training plans and sessions will be designed to keep players in their own areas, and to not come into contact with other Participants. There will be no 1v1 activities, no special GK shooting drills and no small or full- sized games
  • EXCEPTION: Teams who participated in pre-Season and/or Summer training sessions with NSGSC Club staff during Phase 1 will be granted early access to Phase 2 Return to Soccer Training (as outlined below) starting week of September 7th.
PHASE 2 – Return to Soccer Training – weeks of October 5th until further notice

Following the initial stage of practices (on or after the week of October 5th), and where coaches feel confident in the next stage of development, practice can evolve to include limited-touch tactical training, sessions plans, and guidance will be provided at this time by NSGSC Coaches:

  • possession training focused on passive defending whereby Participants may challenge but still refrain from contact
  • physically distanced goal-keeper training with limited player lines
  • small sided games (ie: 3x3 or 5x5)
  • NO headers or hand touches on the ball will be allowed

As much as possible, all sessions will continue to emphasize physical distancing.


You acknowledge and agree as follows:

► You have had an opportunity to review the Return to Play plan for the Program in which you are participating and ask questions of NSGSC staff about such Program(s).

► You consent to your participation in such Program(s) and all related activities.

► Your participation in a Program(s) is voluntary, and you understand and agree to assume any and all risks associated with his/her participation in such Program, whether or not the NSGSC has disclosed those risks to you, including the possibility of illness (including COVID 19 infection), injury, psychological injury or stress, pain, suffering, permanent or temporary disability, property or economic loss, even death and other unforeseen risks(collectively the “Losses” and each a “Loss”).


By accepting this Participation Agreement, you further acknowledge and agree:

► Review, understand and comply with the above rules (“Rules”), and other instruction or direction given by NSGSC staff and representations;

► Ensure you are physically and medically fit and able to participate in a Program(s) and to seek any required medical advice about their participation, including by monitoring and reporting any symptoms of COVID-19 in accordance with the Rules;

►Identify to  NSGSC Staff activities in which you are unable to safely participate, and  to refrain from any activities or conduct that may place other participants at risk;

► Arrange for your arrival and departure at the times and locations indicated by the Team Manager and in accordance with the protocols established by the NSGSC

In the event of any non-compliance by you with these conditions, the NSGSC reserves the right to prohibit you from further participation in a Program(s). The NSGSC reserves the right to decline a refund of program fees where you are prohibited from further participation in a Program due to failure to comply with Program Rules or directions or where the conduct of your conduct has knowingly or recklessly placed others at risk or interfered with the ability of other participants to participate in and enjoy a Program(s).

In the event of a medical emergency involving you, you authorize the NSGSC and its representatives (Club Coaches & Staff, trained Team Coaches and/or Managers) to provide care, to arrange for your medical care and treatment of your and/or to transport you to a medical facility. You understand that the NSGSC will make efforts to reach an alternate contact in such circumstances, but may if necessary, make arrangements for the delivery of first aid or medical care to you before they are contacted or in the event that they cannot be reached.

By signing below, you acknowledge and agree to the foregoing terms and conditions.